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    Addressing vast and
    growing global needs
    in kidney transplantation.
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    Harnessing the power of
    donor blood cells to protect
    a recipient's new kidneys...
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    Combining the strengths
    of different cell types
    to make a single
    cellular therapy...
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    Making the dream of
    transplant immune
    tolerance a reality...


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MEDEOR THERAPEUTICS is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of personalized cellular immunotherapies to improve outcomes in organ transplant recipients. Our team of professionals possesses deep expertise in hematology, cellular immunotherapy, and transplantation product development. Medeor's series of product candidates each comprise a unique composition of different types of hematopoietic organ donor-derived cells, based on breakthrough technologies discovered at Stanford University and exclusively licensed by Medeor. These product candidates are designed to produce mixed chimerism, the co-existence of both recipient and donor blood and immune cells in the recipient, to achieve donor-specific immune tolerance, to prevent transplant organ loss, to reduce or eliminate chronic immunosuppressive drug therapy, and thereby to improve patient outcomes. Our pipeline addresses critical medical needs of the approximately 130,000 annual organ transplant recipients worldwide, including greater than 30,000 annual transplant recipients in the US alone. Medeor is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

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Senior Management

Dr. Deitcher is an innovative business leader who has more than 25 years of life science product development experience including cellular therapeutics, biologics, small molecules, and diagnostics...
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Steven R. Deitcher, M.D.

Founder, President, CEO, and Board Member
Dr. Weber joined Medeor Therapeutics in 2016 to lead all global regulatory and quality efforts related to MDR-101. He has more than 20 years of regulatory affairs experience with biological products...
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Darin J. Weber, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality
Dr. Batty joined Medeor Therapeutics in 2016 as Chief Medical Officer to lead the clinical development and medical affairs efforts related to Medeor's organ transplantation programs...
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D. Scott Batty, Jr., M.D

Chief Medical Officer
Matthew J. Plunkett assumed his role as our Chief Financial and Business Officer in September 2017. He is responsible for all finance and corporate development functions at the Company...
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Matthew Plunkett, PH.D

Chief Financial & Business Officer

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Medeor is developing groundbreaking cellular immunotherapy products for kidney transplant recipients, called the MDR-10X series. MDR-10X includes, but is not limited to, MDR-101 and MDR-102 for recipients of HLA-matched and HLA-mismatched, living donor transplants, respectively. One time treatment with a MDR-10X product is intended to preserve or improve transplant kidney function and minimize or eliminate the need for chronic anti-rejection drug therapy in kidney transplant recipients. MDR-10X can induce donor-specific immune tolerance that protects against transplant kidney rejection, while avoiding the toxic side-effects of standard anti-rejection, immunosuppressive drugs. MDR-10X is manufactured from stem and progenitor cells collected from the kidney donor and infused into the transplant recipient several days after the transplant surgery. Prior to MDR-10X infusion, the transplant recipient receives conditioning therapy to make room for the MDR-10X cells. Achievement of mixed chimerism, co-existence of donor and recipient blood cells, is at the heart of the MDR-10X mechanism of action.


The MDR-10X series of cellular immunotherapy products, including MDR-101 and MDR-102, are paradigms of personalized and precision medicine. These products are manufactured from living transplant kidney donor-derived stem cells. The cellular source materials are engineered into the final MDR-10X product using patent protected methods and processes. The composition of the final cellular immunotherapy product is a unique formulation of multiple different types of hematopoietic (i.e., blood or bone marrow derived) cells. The doses of CD34+ hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSC) and the CD3+ T cells are critical to the action of the MDR-10X product. Cell doses are guided by the degree of immunologic disparity between the recipient and donor (i.e., degree of human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-match or HLA-mismatch). A single dose of MDR-10X can produce hematologic mixed chimerism. Hematologic mixed chimerism represents the co-existence of both recipient-derived and donor-derived blood and immune cells in the recipient. Mixed chimerism supports clonal deletion and immune regulation, the biologic mechanisms underlying immune tolerance. Essentially, MDR-10X can "reprogram" a kidney transplant recipient's immune system to specifically not react against and potentially destroy the transplant organ itself.


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