Redefining Transplant

When two immune systems come together, prolonged organ survival for patients without continued use of immunosuppressants is not possible today. Medeor is on path to making long-lasting immune tolerance a reality.

We are conducting a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial of a pioneering kidney transplant program. We envision a future where more transplant patients are able to achieve lasting organ tolerance.

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The Need

Anytime a donor organ is required, so too is a lifetime of immunosuppressant drugs to help prevent acute rejection. While today these drugs are clinically necessary, the toxic side effects negatively impact both the recipient and the donated kidney with 30-50% of transplant recipients rejecting their graft by 10 years.

The Science

Mixed chimerism is the harmonious co-existence of both recipient and donor blood immune cells within the recipient. We are leveraging this to help transplant patients achieve longer-lasting organ survival.

The Promise

For ten years, we’ve shown we can help patients avoid re-transplant while also reducing the risk of death by preventing organ rejection. We are dedicated to improving lives by bringing this solution to kidney patients everywhere.

Our breakthrough technology platform, which originated from research that began 20 years ago at Stanford University, supports that a single infusion of donor and recipient cells can result in enhanced immune tolerance.

Discover Our Platform

Blending two immune systems into one.

Enabling the gift to keep giving. 

Both patients and donors deserve a better chance at successful kidney transplants. We are working to enable longer survival and ensure greater confidence in each transplant.

See How

Taking transplant science across the finish line.

Currently in phase 3 development, our cellular immunotherapy is helping to empower the recipients of HLA matching kidneys from living donors to lead fuller lives.

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