Achieving continuous transplant tolerance, together

Not too long ago, medical science could not solve the riddle of how to successfully transplant an organ, such as a kidney or heart, to another person. It was only with the advent of a powerful cocktail of immunosuppressant therapies that successful organ transplantation became a reality. Unfortunately, many of these immunosuppressive drugs have side effects that in the long term may increase your risks of certain diseases and even shorten the life of a transplanted organ. Recognition of these shortcomings in current immunosuppressant therapies combined with better understanding of the immune system has led to the development of innovative approaches, including cellular immunotherapy which is a promising next step in ensuring the gift of life lives up to its potential.

We are dedicated to you

It is our mission to use our science to help provide solutions that lead to longer-lasting organ tolerance, improved longevity of the graft and hence improved health outcomes for organ transplant recipients.

Our promise to you

We believe a life free from the fear of rejection and immunosuppressant side effects is possible. We will not stop until we have realized the full potential of our chimeric immunotherapies, in organ transplant and in other life-threatening conditions.

Our foundation

Integrity is the basis for everything we do. We are all dedicated to empowering organ transplant recipients and people suffering from hematological and immune diseases to live better lives. We are committed to take the science of immune tolerance across the finish line. We see before us the immense potential of chimeric immunotherapy, and we will do what it takes to ensure these lifesaving and life changing treatments reach those in need.

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