About Us

Taking immunotherapy to greater heights.

Our immunotherapy is positioned to improve the lives of transplant patients and people living with immune, and hematological diseases. We envision a future where more transplant patients are able to achieve lasting organ tolerance. Medeor is now in phase 3 of a pioneering transplant program, with no reported organ loss due to acute rejection.

20 years of research. One powerful platform.

Our company was founded with a life-changing mission in mind: to enable the immune system in one human to benefit another. Our goals include a world in which organ transplant patients are able to minimize or eliminate the need for immunosuppressant drugs and their associated toxicities, while living full and healthy lives. Furthermore, we intend to address unmet needs across numerous hematologic and rare diseases where chimerism would provide significant clinical benefit.

What began more than 20 years ago at Stanford University has evolved into a promising biomedical platform that has helped to enable pivotal immunotherapy clinical trials with exciting results.

Learn more about our board and our scientific founders or meet the Medeor Therapeutics leadership team.

Empowering people to lead better lives.

Chimerism is the harmonious existence of donor and recipient cells within a recipient. Our chimeric immunotherapy leverages this science and enables transplant patients to avoid organ rejection and live fuller lives while eliminating or minimizing the need for immunosuppressant therapy. Chimeric immunotherapy has immense potential for a wide range of serious conditions from solid organ transplants to immune and hematological disorders. We are dedicated to realize the potential our therapy has to empower patients suffering from life-threatening diseases to live better lives.

Photograph of Medeor's personalized cell therapy platform