Our Focus

Reinventing Transplant

A growing waitlist for kidney transplants coupled with the burden of immunosuppressants and risks of morbidity and mortality, has created a significant unmet need for solutions that prolong tolerance to transplanted organs. Currently, patients who’ve received an organ transplant have to commit to a lifelong regimen of immunosuppressant drugs. Despite following this regimen, 30% to 50% of transplants fail after 10 years. We are dedicated to leveraging the human immune system to improve transplant outcomes while eventually using chimeric immunotherapy on a wider range of conditions.

Our focus today

Using an approach combining donor and recipient cells to create persistent mixed chimerism within the transplant recipient improves organ tolerance. With the most advanced program in matched living donor for kidney, our platform has demonstrated prolonged graft survival and improved patient quality of life. Using a gentler conditioning regimen post-transplant (versus pre-transplant), we are able to optimize receptivity to our single-dose infusion.

Where we want to go

Enhancing the immune system to improve outcomes for all kidney transplant recipients is only our first step. We believe there are a varied and wide range of illnesses and conditions where mixed chimerism may be beneficial. From solid organ transplants to immune and hematological diseases, our vision is to apply our platform to help more people live better lives.

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Photograph of mixed chimerism enabling continued graft acceptance